San Francisco Custom Kitchen, Bath, & Cabinet Remodeling Services


We are a group of contractors based in San Francisco. We are experienced with a record and a positive feedback from all the clients that we have handled. We have staff who are highly trained and are easy to work with. We are also licensed making us more legit and authorized group of remodelers. When you ask for the best kitchen, bath and cabinet remodeling services in Francisco, you will automatically be directed to us as. This is because we are well known and trusted when it comes to doing a great job.

We offer different services to our clients and any other customer who is in need of our services. Though we deal mostly with the commercial remodeling, we also value our residential clients and we cannot fail them when they ask for our services. We are pretty sure that you will love our services if at all you will have a test of it.

After having a clue about us, we will gladly take you further and explain deeply what we really are and what we always do. Without wasting time, it is our pleasure to let you know the categories that we deal in here in San Francisco.



Services offered

The services that we offer include:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bath remodeling
  • Home addition

The three listed are the main services that we offer here in San Francisco. We will gladly take you through the three services in depth to make sure that you have a deeper picture of what we do.



  • Kitchen remodeling

This is the major category that is popular in the remodeling world and that we dwell on it so much. When understanding about kitchen remodeling, it is good to keep in mind that it is the process of making the necessary improvements to the existing kitchen condition. It might be coming up with a completely new kitchen design or just improving the original design.

Under the kitchen remodeling category, we have a more simplifies service that we offer. The services include:

  • The kitchen designs
  • Restaurant kitchen remodeling
  • Countertops remodeling
  • Kitchen windows and doors remodeling
  • Kitchen tiles and stones
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Kitchen painting
  • Kitchen flooring
  • Kitchen cabinet remodeling
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen backsplash

The listed services among many other services are the services that we provide under the kitchen category. Though we provide so many services, in this article the center of our focus is on the restaurant kitchen remodeling service. This is because it is the service that so many clients ask for.



Restaurant kitchen remodeling

This is a service that is really popular because so many people ask about it. It might be to improve their existing kitchen condition or it might be the urge and need to try a different design and see how it will come along. We are pros and well known when it comes to restaurant kitchen remodeling. This is because we have to deal in this service for so long and so many people love us for the work that we do. We have testimonials and records of thousands of workers that we have accomplished so far with the help of our able staff. When remodeling a restaurant kitchen, we put into consideration the design and what can make your restaurant comfortable and efficient.



Factors to consider when choosing a kitchen design for your restaurant

  • Space

Space is a very important factor when setting up your restaurant. This is because one cannot just set up a kitchen that leaves little space for your chefs. Ensure that you be accommodative and let your chefs be comfortable when moving around.

  • Ventilation

Make sure that your kitchen receives enough air to breathe and for aeration. A restaurant without proper ventilation can be so difficult to work with .this is because chefs and employees in the restaurant will have difficulties in getting sufficient air. This might also result in low customer rate because of the fight for air.

  • Ease of use.

Consider choosing a restaurant kitchen design that is easy to use. This will help maximize time and reduce the cost of training employees on how to use the kitchen appliances and equipment.

  • Economical

Choose a restaurant design that will save on the costs of things such as energy and maintenance. For an instance, choose a design that will not waste most of your energy.it should also be durable to cut on unnecessary costs.

Restaurant kitchen designs

We have different kitchen designs that we encourage our customers to adapt depending on the kind of food prepared, the activities in the restaurant and the client’s preference. We offer free consultation and guidance on the designs. We make sure that we give you all the relevant information on all the designs this will make you make the right decision when it comes to setting up your kitchen design. We have so many kitchen designs that are not only fancy but luxurious too. The designs are:

  • Sectioned kitchen designs

This is designs that are good in your restaurant especially when you need easy supervision of work. This kind of kitchen design will also make you avoid confusion since each kitchen activity are designated at a specific location. We have different sections in this type of kitchen design. For example, we have the cooking section, serving section and so many other sections but located at a specific area

  • Lined kitchen designs

Lined kitchen designs are so popular in restaurants that prepare fast moving foods. In this type of restaurant, the number of dishes is reduced or maybe no dishes at all because the clients are usually served in a takeaway manner.

  • Centered kitchen design

This type of kitchen design encourages the conduction of all main activities at a central place. This means that activities such as cooking, cutting, and serving take place at a central place. Then other activities like washing or cleaning take place at the edges of the kitchen fitted with sinks.

  • Open kitchen design

To gain your customer’s trust really fast, the use of an open kitchen design is encouraged. This is a type of kitchen design that allows the customers to watch or view the meal preparation. It is a good design to clearly notify your clients that you have nothing to hide and that the food is safe and fresh to consume.



Restaurant kitchen cabinet remodeling

This is the second category that we deal in as a remodeling solution. We offer good cabinet systems and designs that we fully recommend for your restaurant. The materials that we use in the cabinet making are of great quality and durable.

We make sure that we set up a universal cabinet system for your restaurant. This will enable all your employees to have no difficulties when it comes to accessing your cabinet storage system.

The highly recommended material that we offer includes Teddy Wood, Marilla Masterpiece, Marsh Furniture, and custom cabinets, Solid Wood Construction, Dovetail to Stainless Steel Drawer, Soft- Close Features, Stain, Paint, Exotic Veneers and High Gloss. Contact us for amazing offers and services in the cabinet sector.



Countertops remodeling

Of course, everyone would love their countertops to look pretty and attractive. We have professional staff who are experienced and highly trained in the countertop remodeling sector. We also offer the materials that will make your countertop look good.The material that we offer includes Marble, Corian, Quartz, Glass, Tile, Granite and Quartzite among other materials that we make sure that they are available for our customers.



  • Bath remodeling

Bath remodeling is the second category in our services list. Just like the kitchen remodeling, we have staff who are experienced in this field too. They have worked on bath remodeling long enough to produce the best remodeling service as required by the clients. Services that we offer include:

  • Shower and tab installation
  • Bathroom countertops replacement and installation
  • Shower doors and enclosures
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Bath walls surround
  • Jacuzzi and Spa Tubs

The bath remodeling list is too long .for further inquiries about any of our service that interest you or a service that you really need, we suggest that you contact us on our website or directly on our number. We are always ready to receive you as our customer and we make sure that you are served very well. For us, you as our customer you are the first priority. Therefore, whenever you need us, we will be right at our doorstep and very ready to make your remodeling dream come true.

San Francisco Custom Kitchen, Bath, & Cabinet Remodeling Services is the best choice if you are looking for someone to renovate your kitchen and bathroom. We work on all accessories and surfaces in these two rooms including your cabinets. You can be sure that you will get value for your money by employing our kitchen and bath remodeling services. We will give you a free quotation and contract for signing before we embark on the project.